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ProFusion Mixed Metals Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

One day I was searching in google for swatches of the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette, and the ProFusion Mixed Metals palette came up as a recommendation. After looking at their Instagram page I decided to purchase the Mixed Metals palette on a whim, as the shades seemed right up my ally. A girl can never have too many neutral palettes and i loved that it's warm without being too much.

Unlike the rest of the beauty world who seem to be obsessed with extremely warm-toned eyeshadows, I actually prefer more neutral or cool-toned shadows. The reason for this is that cool-toned shades add better definition to my eyes, due to them being incredibly hooded. So much so, I am looking into having eyelid surgery to correct them in the future (to prevent anymore eye infections and reduce the heavy sagging i feel on my eyeballs daily). Warm-toned eyeshadows (especially in my crease, or better yet where my crease should be) just aren't flattering anymore, they seem to age me and drawer more attention to the overhanging skin. This palette was so affordable, what did i have to lose testing it out?

I didn't know anything about the brand Profusion, other than that it was affordable. I soon found out they are an American brand, but have a store on Amazon, for us UK Beauty lovers. Because of their price point I will admit that I didn't have high expectations, and I most certainly was not expecting the pigmentation to be as good as it is! The pretty gold glittery packaging alone, makes this palette appear much more expensive than it is.

I purchased my palette for £5 on Amazon. Yes £5!! However i just looked today and can no longer see it, however they do still have the Amber version available and they can also be found on eBay. I believe everything in the ProFusion line is under $10/£10 (see here). The closest palette to resemble the Metals Nude is the Classics Palette. So, lets move onto swatches and talk about how they perform on the eyes.

Swatches: Antique - Mellow - Pharaoh


Antique - Soft Yellow-Gold

Mellow - Light Pastel Cream-Yellow

Pharaoh - Deep Old Gold

Swatches: Center Stage - Heavenly - Rust


Center Stage - Metallic Rose Gold

Heavenly - Warm Soft Brown

Rust - Warm Terracotta brown

Swatches: Adventurous - Devious - Risky

Adventurous - Warm Mustard Brown

Devious - Dark Burgundy Brown

Risky - Dark Neutral Brown

The shadows feel quite soft and slightly creamy. Kind of like the texture of Anastasia and Nars. I find that they swatch beautifully but can be hit or miss when it comes to applying on the eyes. The shimmers all apply beautifully (both with fingers and a brush), but the mattes can be somewhat challenging. Mainly because of how powdery they are, but also because of the similarity in shades. Just like with the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette the shades are all so similar, they can start to look a little muddy. I have found sticking to 2 matte shades in the palette suffice enough, and i pack a shimmery shade all over the lid. My personal favorite shades for a complete eye looks are: 'Heavenly' all over the eye as my base shade, 'Adventurous' through the crease, 'Center Stage' all over the eyelid and either 'Devious' or 'Risky' to deepen up the crease and outer corner.

Overall the quality of the shadows are pretty good, especially considering the price point. I would be tempted to try more of their products in the future, and have my eyes on their Siennas 21 Shadow Palette to try out next. I'm definitely going to look into more of their products.

ProFusion Cosmetics products are available in the UK from Amazon.

Have you tried any ProFusion eyeshadows before?

des bisous

Jamey xo

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