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DIY - Natural Deep Conditioning Hair Mask for Dry Hair

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

When it comes to my hair, a deep conditioning hair mask is more important than Shampoo. Not only do i have mixed-afro dry curly hair, but I also suffer with Seborrhoeic Dermatitis . So I Co-Wash more than I shampoo so that I don't irritate my sensitive scalp. I only use one shampoo on my scalp and that is called Nizoral. Shampoo helps to clean the hair, but conditioner is just as important because it helps to add nutrients back into the hair. It's important to give your hair the right sort of nutrients so that it can stay strong and healthy. Including lots of dark leafy greens and protein in your diet can also aid in having healthy hair, but using an occasional deep conditioning mask can give your hair that little extra TLC.

Over the past few years i have really enjoyed experimenting with natural ingredients when it comes to my haircare and skincare. Natural ingredients can help to deliver a host of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help restore weak and brittle hair, that won't irritate a sensitive scalp. Here is a recipe i discovered through Louisa a few years back, and i just had to share.

The Ingredients you will need are....


- 1/2 Avocado

- 1/2 Banana

- 50 ml Coconut Milk

- 2 tbsp Coconut Oil

- 1 tbsp Olive Oil


Avocado is a fantastic ingredient for adding vitamins, minerals, protein and amino acids to the hair. Applying avocado on your scalp means it can easily absorb the Vitamins B6 and E, which help not only heal skin but promote new hair growth. Using avocado in a hair mask is a great way to nourish your hair cells and strengthen your roots.


Did you know that banana can act as a natural exfoliator and healer on the scalp? They also help to deliver a healthy dose of Vitamins A, B, C and E, minerals that can help protect your hairs natural elasticity.

Coconut Milk

Your more than likely more familiar with using coconut oil on the ends of your hair, but coconut milk also has a huge range of benefits which can enhance your hairs shine and act as a natural detangler. It's rich in Vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, C and E, iron, calcium, magnesium and lauric acid which help to make your hair much more manageable.

Coconut Oil

Probably the most famously used ingredient on the hair, coconut oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fatty acids. It's also antibacterial and anti-fungal, which makes this great if you suffer with dandruff, or dermatitis like myself. It can help to reduce hair breakage and lock in moisture.

Olive Oil

I love the richness of Olive oil in hair masks, it really helps to lock in moisture and tame frizz. There is a reason it's used in so many hair products for curly/afro-type hair. Olive oil is rich in Vitamins A, E, and oleic acid, which can help protect the keratin in your hair and give it a beautiful soft and shiny finish.

How to Make:

This mask is incredibly simple to make. pour all of the ingredients into a blender, mixing until its a smooth paste. Apply the mixture all over your hair and scalp, making sure your entire scalp all the way down to your ends are saturated. Massage the mask into your scalp for a couple of minutes using your fingers, to help boost stimulation.

Leave on the hair for a good, 15-30 minutes (you can apply a shower cap or plastic bag to help keep everything locked in) or simply lie back and relax in the bath letting the steam penetrate. When you're ready, wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and follow up with a conditioner. My personal favourite is the TRESemme Moisture Rich. Make sure you thoroughly rinse your hair to avoid smelling like bananas. Once your hair is dry, it should feel healthy, smooth and shiny. Yes even on curly hair.

Have you ever tried a natural mask as an alternative to a store bought one?

des bisous

Jamey xo

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